Departmental Bulletin Paper 学園内で発生する生ごみと廃棄紙のメタン発酵

髙島, 正信  ,  Takashima, Masanobu

Methane fermentation of the biomass wastes, food and paper wasted from Fukui Campus of Kanai Gakuen, was investigated in this study. The methane fermentation reactor was operated at 50 days hydraulic residence time and a mesophilic temperature of 35oC. The feed was food waste for the first 49 days, and then was mixed with paper waste which was increased from 2.5 to 20 g wet/day gradually. The reactor was unstable during the start-up period, but was recovered after about 20th days. The volatile solids (VS) destruction obtained varied from about 70% for food waste only to about 86% for food waste mixed with paper waste of 20 g/d. The biogas production was between 0.64 and 0.91 L/gVS fed. The performance agreed with the estimates from stochiometric relationships. The results indicated that methane fermentation technology is suitable for treating those wastes and producing energy.

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