Departmental Bulletin Paper フォーミュラスタイルの小型四輪競技車両におけるタイヤ空気圧と旋回性能の関係

位田, 晴良  ,  Ida, Haruyoshi  ,  西端, 将人  ,  Nishibata, Masahito  ,  三好, 清隆  ,  Miyoshi, Kiyotaka

The performance of tires and suspensions is an important factor that influences the turning characteristic of a car. Moreover, it requires great effort to decide the optimal settings of those factors relating to the turning characteristic. In this research, driving tests were conducted with a formula-styled small race car to confirm the influence on the turning performance caused by the change in the tire inflation pressure and the damping force of its shock absorber. As a result, appropriate tire inflation pressure for running the race cars which weighted around 300kg on dry roads was found. In addition, it was confirmed the turning speed was influenced by the change in the damping force of the shock absorber.

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