Departmental Bulletin Paper 生物資源由来燃料を用いたディーゼルエンジンにおける燃料噴射圧力と窒素酸化物排出特性の関係

位田, 晴良  ,  Ida, Haruyoshi  ,  川合, 明日香  ,  Kawai, Asuka

BDF (Bio Diesel Fuel) containing a lot of oxygen promotes the combustion of diesel engines, hence the improvement in thermal efficiency can be expected. Moreover, the NOX (Nitrogen Oxides) density rises when the combustion of the diesel engine is promoted. However, the previous researches found out that the NOX density of the diesel engine using BDF decreased compared with using gas oil. In this research, by using gas oil and BDF, the relationship between the fuel injection pressure and the NOX exhaust characteristics was examined by testing the performance of the diesel engine with a common rail fuel injection system. As a result, it was clarified that the combustion characteristic of BDF was inferior to gas oil due to high kinematic viscosity, but the characteristic could be improved by injecting BDF with high pressure.

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