Departmental Bulletin Paper 肺エラスタンス推定におけるファジィ変数最適化手法の改良

中道, 正紀  ,  Nakamichi, Masanori  ,  金江, 春植  ,  Kanae, Shunshoku

The ventilation condition of artificial respiration should be set carefully, and the setting is expected to match individual pulmonary characteristic of each patient. However, we do not understand the pulmonary characteristic of the patient by the measurement of data. Therefore, the setting of the artificial respirator is decided by the experience and the intuition of the doctor. Purposes of this study are to develop a method to estimate the static P-V curve and the pulmonary elastance of the patient. The static P-V curve expresses the important feature of the lung, and this curve is a basis for deciding the air-way pressure limit value. In the previous works, we proposed the iterative fuzzy estimation method and the random optimization of the fuzzy variables. In this paper, a modified optimization algorithm is proposed. A numerical example is shown to illustrate the improvement in our modified algorithm.

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