Departmental Bulletin Paper 稲作用除草ロボットTAMBA機能モデルの制御系開発

西田, 好宏  ,  Nishida, Yoshihiro  ,  澤田, 和磨  ,  Sawada, Kazuma  ,  森, 遼太郎  ,  Mori, Ryotaro

Increased public interest in food safety and clean agriculture (e.g., ecological agriculture, organic culture and agrochemical-free cultivation) is driving a production system change from dependence on and use of agrochemicals toward their elimination. However, this raises a huge time- and labor-consuming problem with weeds. The weeding robot “TAMBA" proposed by authors decreases weeds in paddy fields without resorting to herbicides. "TAMBA" uses omni-wheel which can move in any direction, at any angle, without rotating beforehand. Final goal is to runs on schedule, return to dock and recharge like “ROOMBA". In this time, we made “TAMBA" functional model which estimate omni-wheel system moved by remote control.

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