Departmental Bulletin Paper 空中手書き文字入力システムの文字区切りに関する研究

西田, 好宏  ,  Nishida, Yoshihiro  ,  吉田, 大志  ,  Yoshida, Taishi

This paper describes a method to recognize a character handwritten in the air. This recognition method uses the motion direction instead of positions of the device. It also doesn't use the information of pen-up and pen-down. It selects and orders character candidates with DP (dynamic programming) matching. We prototyped a handwritten character recognition system that detect handwriting period by hand-open and hand-close. This system worked well, but it was very tired that we try input character speedy. In this time, we study a method of auto handwriting period detection instead of hand-open and hand-close. We achieved correct recognition rate about 80% for categories of Hiragana characters by using auto handwriting period detection.

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