Departmental Bulletin Paper 『松浦宮物語』における『伊勢物語』享受ー「昔男」としての氏忠

伊勢, 光

This thesis compares the story concluded the last latter period in the Heian Period "Matsuranomiya Monogatari" and the story concluded in middle term in the Heian Period "Tales of Ise", and it's being considered focusing on modelling of main character Ujitada in particular how was"Matsuranomiya Monogatari" affected from "Tales of Ise", and whether the story was being completed.The one pointed out fi rst is to inform "high woman" about the intense love which does "love death". "Tales of Ise" then this motif could use Nijo queen chapter and paragraph repeatedly as fi rst, but I noticed that feelings to an archduchess of kannabi are also expressed in a word as "lovedeath" in "MatsuranomiyaMonogatari". "Matsuranomiya Monogatari" is consumed with the love a main character doesn't bear and the fl owwhich wanders to a foreign land is also parallel with "Tales of Ise"."Matsuranomiya Monogatari" but Ujitada's mind was drawn, making "Tales of Ise" a pre text, and argued that a story is being advanced.And I stated that the "Tales of Ise" six ninth step which can be called one of central chapter and paragraph of "Tales of Ise" again is having a big influence on "Matsuranomiya Monogatari". The woman who steals in secretly under messenger's man. "Matsuranomiya Monogatari" proposed charm of "the man who waits" once more, too, while drawing the form of the independent woman and the passive man.I touched a problem of "false afterword" at the end. I think the message of this story to say "It's based on the world of "Tales of Ise", and I want you to read." is included among "false afterword". This paper considered infl uence from "Tales of Ise" by a point as Ujitada's modelling inparticular, receiving the message

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