Departmental Bulletin Paper 英語の授業を英語で行うことに対する教師の心情

藤田, 卓郎  ,  吉田, 三郎

The purpose of the study is to explore teachers’ beliefs on teaching English in English, together with how they deal with their dilemmas. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to nine teachers working at junior or senior high schools. Their interviews were recorded and transcribed. Then they were analyzed following theprocedure of the Modified Grounded Theory Approach. The results revealed that teachers have various kinds of dilemmas, and they were divided into three categories:(1) teachers’ psychological anxiety, (2) difficulties and problems they face in their teaching context, and (3) practical constraints. Together with reporting the dilemmas, how they deal with them were also reported. That includes (1) to set up the activities which teachers conduct only in English and keep doing them, (2) step-by-stepscaffolding using L1, (3) to introduce meaning-based activities in term examinations, (4) careful considerationof the balance between meaning-focused activities and form-focused instructions, and (5) changes of textbook they use.

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