Departmental Bulletin Paper 環境都市の構想:循環的な緑化と資源化管理の手続き,および目標達成度の評価法について

武井, 幸久  ,  小木曽, 晴信  ,  加藤, 瑞樹  ,  坂田, 正宏  ,  矢ケ崎, 朋樹  ,  吉野, 知明  ,  松本, 淳  ,  日野岡, 金治

The possibility of greening and biomass resource management is the key point that leads thiscountry and its areas to be sustainable. This is the common of all authors. At first, this paper arranges the primary global environmental issues based on the reports of UNCED and introduces new movement about “COP21” and “Future Earth”. And the present situation of the correspondence in Japan and Fukui are introduced, too. In Fukui, there have been already several greened spots based on the concept of “Potential Natural Vegetation”. From last year, we started the subsequent investigations of each greened spots and the achievement degree researches that we evaluated about the purposes. In this paper, considerations about results of these researches and future problematics are developed to tie it to “Future Earth”.

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