Departmental Bulletin Paper Effects of different types of ropes on jump cycle while skipping

Akihiro, AZUMA

This study aimed to determine the effects of different types of jump ropes on jump cycles while skipping. Thirteen youth volunteers performed the basic jump and the alternate-foot jump using two ropes differing in diameter and weight. Two-way ANOVA revealed that the main effects of skipping patterns and type of rope were significant in cycle time, contact time, and takeoff time, respectively (P < 0.05 for all variables). In the coefficient of variations (CVs) for each measured variable, the main effect was significant in skipping patterns (P < 0.05 for all variables) but not in the type of rope (P > 0.05 for all variables). However, a clear difference was found between the two ropes forcorrelation coefficient of CV in cycle times between skipping patterns. These results suggested that different types of ropes affect jump cycles while skipping.

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