Departmental Bulletin Paper 建築設計分野における3Dプリンタ活用の実効性の検討

江本, 晃美  ,  川口, 真吾

By the expiration of a patent, three-dimensional printer ; 3D printer is widely used rapidly inrecent years. 3D printer is modeled using resin and metal, and laminated a little, finally it solidified. And it will also expand the market scale from now on, the progress would be continued. So we verify whether a 3D printer can be utilized by a design and a model of the Architectural field. The Architectural model is made with handwork at present, and time and skillful technology are needed. Therefore it's very important to be able to do labor-saving and efficiency, special technology isn't needed, by the cost of the same degree. In this research, comparison estimates handwork makingand 3D printer in making of the Architectural model about the making process and the cost etc., theutilization possibility by the design practical business affair is considered.So, as study method, 3D printer used in a study is "uPrint SE" made by Stratasys company. It is the size mentioned on the desk, and is possible to model the square about 200mm (is can manufacture a model of general reduced scale 1/100) . The study model design by the scale of the general detachedhouse and produce a model in Japan. In addition, we produced 2 kinds, the straight form and the curved line form by this experiment.As a result, first the gloss difference in the surfaces and the difference in the unevenness in thecurved surface part were admitted mainly with a model picture. But the dimensional accuracy is thesame place. Next the condition of the close adherence on the top and the bottom floor is in the state difficult to judge by a reason that it's different depending on parts. The evaluation is gathered below. 1)It also required about 5 times of material cost in both forms in production by a 3D printer, even if an early stage purchase cost are removed. 2)The making by 3D printer increases more 3 processes than handwork, and working hours hung 2 times in total.

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