Departmental Bulletin Paper 和紙製造時に用いるトロロアオイ保存溶液中のクレゾールの簡易測定法

小泉, 貞之  ,  上嶋, 晃智  ,  後反, 克典  ,  志摩, 喬之

The liquid extracted from the root of the ibiscus with water and it was sticky and has been used as a dispersant of Japan paper fi ber material for a long time. However, it is limited at the production of hibiscuses time which are this natural dispersant, and it is necessary to save it in solution composed primarily of cresol. While a hibiscus is stored, the density of this preservation solution decreased, and it was necessary to convert it every year. Because cresol is industrial waste, it is expected that it leads to environmental degradation if it is drained into the natural world carelessly. It can revive by adding cresol of the thing to decrease, but it is necessary to judge density to some extent. Therefore, concentration measurement is enabled in the place that there is not of the analytical instrument if there is the simple density judgment method. In this study, I modifi ed JIS K 0102 and devised the method that could easily measure cresol which saved a viscous material used at the time of Japanese paper production by viewing.

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