Departmental Bulletin Paper マイクロバブルによる染色廃液の浄化法

小泉, 貞之  ,  後反, 克典  ,  笹島, 菜美子  ,  永野, 季恵

The regulation about the colored waste water has been already carried out by some Japanese local governments. This regulation for colored waste water may spread out in the whole country, andthe improvement of the purifi cation technology of the coloration waste water is required in future.The purification technology by the microbubble was applied in most. In this study, the synergeticeffect between a microbubble and an oxidizer were investigated about working to purify dye solution.As a result, purifi cation of the dye solution needed both an oxidizer and a microbubble. After the main structure of the dye material was destroyed at the beginning because the decrease in absorbency of the coloration solution was considerably faster than a decrease in carbon density, it is considered that the divided organic substance was discomposed. Furthermore, approximately 30% of organic substance were not able to disintegrate even if more oxidizers were added.

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