Departmental Bulletin Paper マイクロバブルを利用した高効率燃料の開発

小泉, 貞之  ,  藤田, 克志  ,  後反, 克典  ,  安藤, 哲也  ,  大滝, 千皓

"Reduction of the consumption of the fossil fuel" becomes the big problem from the viewpoint ofglobal warming and issue of fossil fuel drying up now. By the issue of fuel drying up, the development of the alternative energy for the fossil fuel is expected. In this study, using micro-bubble, the method to make fossil fuel in itself high effi ciency was examined. The difference was observed in property of the solvent by having micro-bubble or not, the effect that a micro-bubble brought, a glycerin solventand the fuel oil A using the micro-bubble fuel. After burning a solvent, and checking OH radicaldistribution during fl ame, it was observed that the solvent which a micro-bubble was mixed with was higher in combustion effi ciency,

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