Departmental Bulletin Paper B M I 開発のためのイメージング時の脳波成分解析

小越, 咲子

The mirror neuron system (MNS) has been found to be active during perceived, imagined,and actual movement. The method by which mirror neuron activity can be monitored exploits the difference in firing patterns of resting versus active sensorimotor neurons; in the resting state,synchronous firing is present, which produces large amplitude 8- to 13-Hertz oscillations knownas mu waves, which can be observed by means of electroencephalography (EEG). Our study foundincreases in mirror neuron system activation with simultaneous imagining and observing a handmovement. These fi ndings can be applied to Brain Machine Interfaces. The EEG quantifi cation ofthe impact of imagination upon mu wave activity creates the potential for this apparatus to servein a Brain Machine Interface, in which biofeedback can be provided to subjects being trained to develop their imaginative capacities. We developed a Support Vector Machine (SVM) that classifi es EEG information that will, in the future, serve to open and close an artifi cial hand. The capacity to imagine coupled with effective training holds the promise of a Brain Machine Interface that could be of therapeutic benefi t for various disorders.

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