Departmental Bulletin Paper 室内飛行ロボットの設計

高久, 有一  ,  西, 仁司

Recently, unmanned aerial vehicles (UVAs), called Drones , and unmanned ground vehicles (UGAs) have been developing rapidly. Acquiring knowledge of these vehicles will be very important forstudents of a technical college. We have designed an indoor robotic plane for the university education of information engineering departments.Considering safety, an airplane with a 1.3-m span and a 160-g fl ight weight that can fl y withinthe confi nes of the general gymnasium was made of soft materials, such as expanded polypropylene(EPP). This plane can fl y slowly (under 3.0 m/sec), and the turning radius is 3.2 m. The payload is over 160 g—suffi cient to accommodate a control microcomputer. It would be possible to learn elementary technology based on UVA.

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