Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会人サッカークラブチーム選手に対する栄養教育のための個人カルテの開発
Development of a Personal Health Management Chart for the Nutrition Education of Top Amateur Soccer Players

鳴瀬, 碧  ,  桑守, 豊美  ,  宮川, 沙緒里  ,  盛田, さき  ,  渡辺, 早紀  ,  野田, 政弘  ,  佐藤, 裕保  ,  Naruse, Midori  ,  Kuwamori, Toyomi  ,  Miyagawa, Saori  ,  Morita, Saki  ,  Watanabe, Saki  ,  Noda, Masahiro  ,  Sato, Yuho

8pp.41 - 45 , 2017-03-31 , 仁愛大学
Adequate nutrient intake is indispensible in maintaining athletes’ health and improving matchfitness. When providing nutrition guidance to athletes, it is necessary to create improvement targetsthrough discussions between the athlete and mentor, based on each athlete’s physical condition anddietary intake. In this study we aimed to develop a functional personal health management chart asa medium for nutrition education.Physical condition measurements , blood tests, physical activity measurements, and dietaryintake surveys (including snacks, water, and supplements), were carried out for 24 males belongingto a top amateur soccer team. Food consciousness and attained levels of the required nutritionalknowledge for athletes were also investigated for each player.The personal health management chart was created in a format that allows confirmation of changeover time, based on the assessment results of each player. In relation to diet, it was made possibleto assess current condition by creating an appropriate range for each subject based on the dietarygoals of energy, nutrient and food group intake as recommended by the Japan Sports Association,and Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese. Furthermore, we grouped the subjects according totheir attained knowledge level regarding sports nutrition, and used it as an index in selecting anutritional education method for each subject. By integrating these results, it became possible to setimprovement goals for each subject and display them on the chart.In the future, we aim to provide guidance using the chart many times, constantly makingimprovements, while creating a chart that can be used for nutrition education in all sportingdisciplines.

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