Departmental Bulletin Paper 子どもの頃の親の離婚と大学生の恋愛関係-親の離婚を経験した学生とそうでない学生の比較-
The Association between Parental Divorce and Young Adults’ Romantic Relationships : A Comparison between University Students from Divorced Families and those from Intact Families

竹村, 明子  ,  畠山, 麻悠  ,  赤澤, 淳子  ,  Takemura, Akiko  ,  Hatakeyama, Mayu  ,  Akazawa, Junko

15pp.1 - 10 , 2017-03-31 , 仁愛大学
A history of parental divorce significantly influences young adults’ romantic relationships. Toexamine the mechanism of association between parental divorce and the romantic relationships ofyoung adults, 17 university students from divorced families and 251 from intact families took partin a study to compare their attitudes toward divorce and romantic relationships. The results revealedthat compared with students from intact families, those from divorced families reported a lessnegative image of parents who divorce, and a more understanding attitude toward divorce, should itlead to happiness. Furthermore, for the students from divorced families, the stronger their negativeimage regarding divorce or parents who divorce, and the less understanding they were regardingdivorce, the more they were inclined to control expressions of emotion toward romantic partners.For the students from intact families, however, only weak associations were found betweenattitudes toward divorce and romantic relationships. These findings are discussed in terms of theirimplications for future research.

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