Departmental Bulletin Paper アンケート調査による遺伝子組換え作物の主観的食リスク評価
Subjective Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Organisms through Survey

尼子, 克己  ,  中嶋, 沙姫  ,  Amako, Katsumi  ,  Nakashima, Saki

7pp.21 - 28 , 2016-03-31 , 仁愛大学
We tried to estimate the subjective evaluation of risk from genetically modified organisms(GMO) in comparison with several established risks (a flight accident, influenza infection, andsunburn) in both occurrence-probability and risk level, by means of a questionnaire-based surveyof university students. The evaluation assessed receptiveness to GMO. Acceptance of GMO inrespondents was not correlated with the knowledge of respondents or with a listed selection ofthe benefits of GMO, but was correlated with a listed selection of the disadvantages of GMO.Respondents showing rejection of GMO tended to feel the introduced DNA, rather than proteintranslated from the introduced gene, as the cause of damage to health. Subjective risk of GMOwas, as a whole, slightly higher in risk probability than that of a flight accident, and equivalent toinfluenza infection. Respondents demonstrating rejection of GMO tended to evaluate probabilitylower and hazards higher than did other respondents. They might have regarded the experts' riskevaluation in itself as reasonable, but were afraid of risks that the experts could not predict.

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