Departmental Bulletin Paper 社会人サッカークラブチーム選手の2 時期の食事・身体活動および身体状況と心理的競技能力について
Nutritional Status, Physical Activities, Physical Condition and Psychological Competitive Ability during Two Periods in Top Amateur Soccer Players

鳴瀬, 碧  ,  野田, 政弘  ,  加藤, 卓次  ,  木村, 友貴  ,  村田, 侑也  ,  吉田, 柚香  ,  新宅, 令花  ,  辻川, 久美子  ,  畑中, 美沙  ,  武蔵, 有希  ,  佐藤, 裕保  ,  桑守, 豊美  ,  Naruse, Midori  ,  Noda, Masahiro  ,  Kato, Takuji  ,  Kimura, Yuki  ,  Murata, Yuya  ,  Yoshida, Yuka  ,  Shintaku, Reika  ,  Tsujikawa, Kumiko  ,  Hatanaka, Misa  ,  Musashi, Yuki  ,  Sato, Yuho  ,  Kuwamori, Toyomi

7pp.11 - 20 , 2016-03-31 , 仁愛大学
We surveyed nutritional status and physical conditions (during two periods), and physicalactivities and psychological competitive ability (during one period) in the players of the top amateursoccer club team. The average of their body fat percentages in May was 10.7%, and this was in the normal rangefor athletes. The muscle development rate for five limbs was in the range of 103.2 to 109.4%,which were unsatisfactory results for athletes. In December, the body fat percentage would rise toan average 12.8 %. The muscle development rate for five limbs fell to within the range of 100.1 to107.2%. As regards the physical activity we measured in August, the average number of steps andenergy consumption were 19,244 steps / day and 2,786kcal / day, respectively. In the result of the diet survey in May, energy intake was insufficient. All nutrient and foodgroup intakes except for carbohydrate were insufficient as well. Although intakes of protein andfive nutrients increased in December, they didn't meet the reference amount in all nutrients and foodgroups. With respect to psychological competitive ability, in the pre-match psychological statediagnostic test (DIPS-B.1), it was estimated that 13 subjects in seven were in a desirable state ofmind. In psychological state diagnostic tests during the match (DIPS-D2),11 subjects out of 13determined their ability could be shown in the game.In addition, a significant correlation was observed between DIPS-B.1 and DIPS-D2.

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