Departmental Bulletin Paper 調理システムの違いによる食品のにおいへの影響 ~インカートクッキングシステムとクックサーブの比較~
Effect of cooking systems on odor of foods - (Conpararion of ) In-cart cooking system and cook serve system -

樽井, 雅彦  ,  窪田, 翔一  ,  松田, 衣里加  ,  吉田, 芽生  ,  伊佐, 公男  ,  下村, 昭夫  ,  中村, 薫  ,  Tarui, Masahiko  ,  Kubota, Sho-ichi  ,  Matsuda, Erika  ,  Yoshida, May  ,  Isa, Kimio  ,  Shimomura, Akio  ,  Nakamura, Kaoru

7pp.1 - 6 , 2016-03-31 , 仁愛大学
Odors of meat and potate stew cooked by the In-Cart cooking system were determined using the GC-MS system and compared with those from commonly used cook-serve systems. The sensory evaluation of these odors was carried out by 40 students. Odors of ingredients of the stew such as potato, carrot and onion were measured with GC-MS to determine the origin of the odors of the stew. Although GS-MS measurements showed that the odors of the stew from the cook-serve system was stronger than those from the In-Cart cooking system, the results of the sensory evaluation indicated that the odors of the In-Cart cooking system were stronger than those from the cook-serve system. The result was explainable by the fact that compounds with strong odors such as concentrations of sulfur-containing compounds and aldehydes were high with the In-Cart cooking system.

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