Departmental Bulletin Paper The Development and Implementation Of An Extensive Reading Program

Hauca, Matthew

14pp.51 - 56 , 2016-03-31 , 仁愛大学
Reading is one of the four main language skills along with speaking, listening, and writing. Reading for specific details or intensive reading has been the prevailing method for teaching reading in numerous second and foreign language classrooms. However, for too long and in too many classrooms this approach, when used exclusively, has contributed to many students quickly losing focus or giving up in frustration. This is because material is at times uninteresting, and for some the content is inaccessible due to a mismatch between the student and textbook level. Intensive reading undeniably has its merits, but there are those in the field of reading education who feel that extensive reading, which promotes reading for enjoyment and personal interest is of more overall benefit to the student. Drawing inspiration from programs at other institutions, an extensive reading program was developed and implemented at Jin-ai University. This report outlines the background of extensive reading, the development and implementation of the program at Jin-ai, and a look toward improvement and expansion of the program.

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