Departmental Bulletin Paper 言語と思考の起源論
ゲンゴ ト シコウ ノ キゲンロン
Theories on the Origin of Language and Thought

オーエン, ジョン・D

47pp.165 - 174 , 2016-01-31
多くの言語学者の一般的な定説によれば、もし原始時代の人類にどのように言語が発生したかを理解することができれば、全ての子どもの自然な言語能力の習得方法を理解することができると考えられている。本論では、表題が示すように言語と思考に関する起源についての先行研究を再考察したものであり、この2 つの重要な心的機能の共生依存を検証するものである。
It is generally accepted among linguists that, to further elucidate how language effortlessly emerges in each newborn, a greater understanding of how language originated in primordial human beings is required. This paper, as the title suggests, is a review of contemporary theories on the origins of language and thought, and surveys the symbiotic dependency between these two important mental faculties. Moreover, this paper will attempt to further draw attention to the relation between primordial and present day language acquisition. The premise of this paper is that bad theories are not defeated by criticism; bad theories are replaced by better theories. This paper should, therefore, be viewed as a survey of what is plausible rather than a critique of what is not. The topics covered in this paper include Darwinian evolution, Lamarckian mechanisms, punctuated equilibrium and recursion.

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