Journal Article Prominent role of RAB39A-RXRB axis in cancer development and stemness

CHANO, Tokuhiro  ,  Kita, Hiroko  ,  Avnet, Sofia  ,  Lemma, Silvia  ,  Baldini, Nicola

2018-01-04 , Impact Journals LLC
In this study, we found that RAB39A, a member of the RAS oncogene family, was selectively expressed in cancer cells of different histotypes, by analyzing gene expression in human osteosarcoma cells and the cancer stem cells (CSCs) and by comparing them with normal cells through global transcriptomics and principal component analyses. Wefurther validated RAB39A as a therapeutic target, by silencing its expression. The silencing impaired cancer stemness and spherogenic ability in vitro, as well as tumorigenesis in vivo. RNA-seq analyses in the silenced spheres suggested that RAB39Ais associated downstream with RXRB and KLF4. Notably, RXRB expression was inhibitedin RAB39A-silenced CSCs. Induced overexpression of RXRB in RAB39A-silenced cells restored spherogenic ability and tumorigenesis, confirming RXRB as a major effector of RAB39A. Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of ~400 human cancer tissues showed that RAB39A was highly expressed in sarcomas and in malignancies of lymphoid, adrenal andtesticular tissues. Our data provide the rationale for targeting of the RAB39A-RXRB axis as a therapy for aggressive cancers.

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