Departmental Bulletin Paper 腹腔鏡・内視鏡合同手術(LECS)を施行した胃粘膜下腫瘍5症例の初期成績

貝田, 佐知子  ,  山口, 剛  ,  伴, 宏充  ,  大竹, 玲子  ,  竹林, 克士  ,  植木, 智之  ,  三宅, 亨  ,  飯田, 哲也  ,  赤堀, 浩也  ,  園田, 寛道  ,  清水, 智治  ,  仲, 成幸  ,  杉本, 光繁  ,  安藤, 朗  ,  谷, 眞至

30 ( 1 )  , pp.90 - 92 , 2017-03-10 , 滋賀医科大学雑誌編集委員会
Background: Laparoscopy endoscopy cooperative surgery (LECS) for gastric submucosal tumor is an established technique.Method: Between 2012 and 2016, 18 consecutive patients with submucosal tumor of the stomach underwent surgery in our institute. Surgical approach for LECS was performed as following criteria: the longer diameter of the tumor was less than 5cm, no ulceration and no invasion for other organs. Results: LECS was performed for 5 cases, laparoscopic partial gastrectomy (LPG) was for 4 cases and open partial gastrectomy (OPG) was for 7 cases. Patients undergoing LECS had significantly small tumor size compared with LPG and OPG cases (median 30 mm, 47.5 mm and 70 mm). For LECS cases, tumor pathology included GIST in 3 patients, schwannoma in one and adenoma in one. Four tumors were located in the body of stomach, one in the cardia. The mean operating time was 214.4 (156-248) minutes, median intraoperative blood loss was 0 (0-0) ml and median postoperative length of stay was 8 (7-9) days. In these items, there were no significant differences between three groups. There were no postoperative complications (Clavien-Dindo classification v2.0, Grade II or higher) in three groups. Conclusions: It is suggested that LECS is as feasible and safe procedure for gastric submucosal tumor as conventional methods.

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