Departmental Bulletin Paper 滋賀県におけるドクターズクラークの現況

西島, 節子  ,  有田, 泉  ,  梅田, 朋子  ,  洲崎, 聡  ,  奥川, 郁  ,  馬場, 真奈美  ,  卜部, 優子  ,  樋口, 明日香

30 ( 1 )  , pp.60 - 65 , 2017-03-07 , 滋賀医科大学雑誌編集委員会
To create of comfortable environment including work-life balance, a various plan to reduce physician’s work load is suggested. The utilization of doctors’ clerk (DC), which is called medical office assistant, medical clerk or medical coordinator is effective to support of the doctor’s office work. To access current status of DCs, a questionnaire was send to 57 medical facilities in Shiga prefecture by the network for female physicians in Shiga. DCs had been assigned to 26 of 50 facilities (52%).The number of DCs was one to 34 per one facility. The facilities where DCs was placed in all departments were five (19.2%). The main work content of DCs was preparation of medical certificates (88.5%) and input substitution of medical record (76.9%).There were few DCs who engaged in work about healthcare quality improvement (30.8%) and output of administration record (3.8%). 32.8% of DCs was regular employer and 67.2% was irregular-employed. The medical training for DCs was held in 12 facilities (46.4%).To achieve more effect from the utilization of DCs, the review of duties contents and the system propelling the eager participation of DCs are necessary.

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