Departmental Bulletin Paper 抜歯後の止血に苦慮した重症血友病B患者の1例

香川, 智世  ,  肥後, 智樹  ,  足立, 健  ,  渋谷, 亜佑美  ,  三宅, 真規子  ,  山本, 学

29 ( 1 )  , pp.59 - 63 , 2016-04-05 , 滋賀医科大学雑誌編集委員会
Hemophilia B is X-linked recessive heredity-related bleeding disorders by the factor Ⅸ lack. The number of patients of this country is approximately 1,000 and a rare disease. We report a case that had difficulty in hemostasis after the tooth extraction of the seriously ill hemophilia B patient with review of literature. A 4 years old boy came to our hospital for main complaint by majority tooth caries medical treatment under the general anesthesia. The past history included hemophilia B and he received two times a week of factor IX replacement therapy. We accepted caries as intraoral views in maxillary left B, mandibular right D, mandibular left D, E. We recognized two tooth-like non-transmitted images on a panoramic X ray and CT images in the maxillary both sides A apical area at the first medical examination. We judged that teeth extraction was necessary, because these disturb eruption of the maxillary both sides first. In cooperation with the pediatrics, we treated caries and extracted supernumerary teeth embedded in a maxillary midline under the general anesthesia. After surgery, he left the hospital without abnormal bleeding. But, he repeated bleeding for one and a half months and we had difficulty in hemostasis. Healing is good in acknowledgment of the epithelization of the wound now.

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