Departmental Bulletin Paper 異時性4重複悪性腫瘍(男性乳癌、肺癌、結腸癌、胃間葉型腫瘍)の一例

清水, 智治  ,  園田, 寛道  ,  太田, 裕之  ,  植木, 智之  ,  三宅, 亨  ,  森, 毅  ,  梅田, 朋子  ,  河合, 由紀  ,  冨田, 香  ,  谷, 眞至

29 ( 1 )  , pp.32 - 35 , 2016-03-02 , 滋賀医科大学雑誌編集委員会
We encountered a case of quartette primary malignancies (lung cancer, male breast cancer, colon cancer and gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)). We discussed this case and reviewed previous literatures. The case was 76 years-male with history of right lung cancer, prostatic hypertrophy, angina pectoris and right breast cancer. He complained stoit. Laboratory exam revealed progression of anemia and occult blood positive in stool. Colonoscopy revealed advance transverse colon cancer. The abdominal enhanced CT showed a tumor lesion in the extra-wall of stomach, which was diagnosed as GIST. Laparoscopic left hemi-colectomy and partial gastrostomy were performed. Adjuvant chemotherapy of colon cancer and gastric GIST were not elected for patient, since post-surgical diagnosis was fStage II in colon cancer and the recurrent risk of GIST was moderate risk by modified-Fletcher classification. Recently, we often encounter such cases with multiple primary malignancies along with aging Japanese population. This case suggested that we should pay attentions for multiple malignancies in the other organs when we plan surgical therapy for an advanced aged patient with malignant diseases.

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