Departmental Bulletin Paper 赤外線観察カメラシステムを用いた抗がん剤曝露回避対策の検討

小倉, 知子  ,  田崎, 亜希子  ,  赤尾, 景子  ,  木村, 由梨  ,  須藤, 正朝  ,  阪中, 美紀  ,  薮田, 直希  ,  若杉, 吉宣  ,  森井, 博朗  ,  園田, 文乃  ,  河合, 由紀  ,  目片, 英治

28 ( 1 )  , pp.55 - 59 , 2015-05-29 , 滋賀医科大学雑誌編集委員会
People involved in chemotherapy need to offer certain safely standard treatment. On the other hand, we understand the risk of the anticancer agent enough, and it is necessary to protect us ourselves from occupational exposure. It was intended to visualize the polluted situation by an anticancer agent. We made the inspection model to observe the exposure situation of anticancer agent. We set 3 scenes afterwards to observe the exposure situation. The scenes were changing the bottle to another bottle, removing the needle and connecting to the portable continuous infusion pump. Pollution was confirmed to a needle at the time of the substitution, the rubber stopper part of the bottle, an adhesive plaster of a pinprick site. As for us, there was the need to avoid the removing and inserting of the needle that pricked into the anticancer agent bottle to lower the risk of the exposure. Furthermore, we need to perform saline washing of the drip system before removing the needle. So we should replace the anticancer agent route into a saline solution. In addition, the ICG reagent is a clinical medicine used on the site widely and can expect wide application in future.

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