Departmental Bulletin Paper 近代的な開拓前の帯広市周辺の自然の景観
History of the landscape of Obihiro city before modern development

橋本, 靖  ,  佐藤, 雅俊  ,  赤坂, 卓美

Although restore original landscape enhance biodiversity sustainability, restoration goals often ignore what is original condition and is decided based on natural perception and preference of local people. We investigated the original landscape of Obihiro city, Hokkaido, Japan, by using literature review. Here, we assumed that the landscape from Edo to early Showa periods (i.e. before modern development) as original landscape. Most literature described that landscape was mostly covered by grassland dominated by Miscanthus or Phragmites which was created by flooding. Moreover, the evidence of wide-spread andosol soil could reinforce these evidences with presence of frequent wildfire. We suggest that grassland restoration rather than re-forestation is fundamental to conserve sustainable biodiversity at Obihiro city.

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