Journal Article Humeral fracture in a Japanese Black calf repaired by closed approach and two methods of external skeletal fixation

Yamagishi, Norio  ,  Kajiwara, Ayano  ,  Shibano, Ken-ichi  ,  Aoki, Takahiro  ,  Itoh, Megumi  ,  Hatate, Kaoru  ,  Iino, Kimie

79 ( 6 )  , pp.1056 - 1060 , 2017-06 , Japanese Society of Veterinary Science
A healthy 71-day-old female Japanese Black calf was evaluated for fracture of the left humerus. The left humeral fracture was treated by closed repair and unilateral external skeletal fixation (ESF) with an epoxy putty fixator. The calf was active, and eight days after surgery slipped and fell, resulting in breakage of the ESF. The calf underwent repair by transfixation pinning and casting (TPC), which is an alternative to the ESF method. The TPC was removed 37 days after the first surgery, and the calf could bear weight on the left forelimb while walking. This case suggests that recovery after closed repair with TPC for a humeral fracture in an active calf can be successfully managed on the farm.

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