Journal Article The Bread making qualities of bread dough supplemented with whole wheat flour and treated with enzymes

Matsushita, Koki  ,  Santiago, Dennis Marvin  ,  Noda, Tatsuya  ,  Tsuboi, Kazumasa  ,  Kawakami, Sakura  ,  Yamauchi, Hiroaki

23 ( 3 )  , pp.403 - 410 , 2017-05 , Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology
Whole wheat flour (WWF) contains various kinds of functional ingredients, such as dietary fiber, resistant starch, minerals, etc., and bread containing WWF is in great demand in many countries because of its health benefits. Although dough with WWF often results in lower quality bread, previous studies suggested that this could be improved by the addition of suitable enzymes. This study investigated the effects of WWF substitution and enzyme treatments using alpha-amylase (AM) and hemicellulase (HC) on bread making qualities. Results showed that the addition of WWF produced dough with low gas retention of dough (GRD) and specific loaf volume (SLV). However, AM and HC drastically improved both GRD and SLV of WWF-substituted dough and bread by degrading damaged starch and hemicellulose. Thus, these results indicated that the treatments with suitable enzymes could drastically improve the bread making qualities of dough made with WWF.

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