Journal Article Hematological and biochemical features of postpartum fever in the heavy draft mare

AOKI, Takahiro  ,  KIMURA, Yuki  ,  OYA, Anna  ,  CHIBA, Akiko  ,  ISHII, Mitsuo  ,  NAMBO, Yasuo

27 ( 1 )  , p.13-16 , 2016 , Japanese Society of Equine Science
Heavy draft mares potentially have a higher risk of suffering from postpartum fever (PF) than light breed mares. The purpose of this study was to compare hematological and biochemical features between clinically healthy mares (n=40) and PF-affected mares (n=16). Mares were classified as having PF when their rectal temperature rose to >38.5°C within 96 hr of foaling. The numbers of leukocytes, lymphocytes, and neutrophils and the serum magnesium level were significantly lower in PF-affected mares. The serum SAA and NEFA levels were significantly higher in PF-affected mares. Strong inflammation responses, fat mobilization associated with negative energy balance and possibly endotoxin participate in hematological and biochemical features of PF in heavy draft mares.

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