Departmental Bulletin Paper 刺激応答性医薬用ゲルの合成--材料分析室利用研究成果、そのXXVIII(4)--
Synthesis of stimuli-responsive medical gel--Research works accomplished by using materials analysis facilities: XXVIII(4)--

棟近 歩  ,  斎藤 貴

42pp.27 - 29 , 2018-03-20 , 神奈川工科大学
Generally, antifebrile is used when human has fever caused to have cold. However, side effects such as a feeling of vomiting or dizziness may be caused when antifebrile was used excessively. Therefore, a method to control a released quantity by human body temperature is required. A gel which swells and shrinks based on differential temperature in the environment was focused for applying it to medical materials. A gel consist of polyrotaxane which is topological materials is easy to swell or shrink. Synthesis of stimuli-responsive polyrotaxane gel was performed in this study. And then, the shrinkage ratios of the obtained gel in temperature range of from 10 to 70℃ were evaluated. Temperature domain where mass of synthesized gel suddenly changed was 30 to 40℃. Mass of the gel decreased to 15% of original mass at high temperature. Mass of polyrotaxane gel decreased more than approximately 20% in comparison with usual stimuli-responsive gel.

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