Departmental Bulletin Paper ポリ(メタクリル酸 2-ヒドロキシエチル)ヒドロゲル粒子の作製と性質--材料分析室利用研究成果、そのXXVIII(3)--
Preparation and Characterization of Poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) Particles--Research works accomplished by using materials analysis facilities: XXVIII(3)--

清水 秀信  ,  阿部 大輝  ,  和田 理征  ,  岡部 勝

42pp.23 - 25 , 2018-03-20 , 神奈川工科大学
Precipitation polymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) with N, N'- methylenebisacrylamide (MBAAm) has been performed in acetone to produce monodispersed hydrogel particles. The effects of HEMA weight fraction in the monomer feed on the particle size and the polymerization rate were investigated. Polymerization rates decreased with an increase in the HEMA content in the range of 60 to 80 wt%. Analyses by transmission electron microscopy measurements showed that monodispersed particles were obtained independent of the HEMA contents, with the size range of 250 nm to 450 nm. These results indicate that poly (HEMA-co-MBAAm) hydrogel particles can be obtained by precipitation polymerization in acetone, followed by substituting the solvent with water.

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