Departmental Bulletin Paper 光触媒によるサリチル酸の分解反応--材料分析室利用研究成果、そのXXVIII(2)--
Photocatalytic decomposition reaction of salicylic acid--Research works accomplished by using materials analysis facilities: XXVIII(2)--

伊藤 大輝  ,  楠 京介  ,  森川 浩  ,  後藤 みき  ,  丹羽 紘一  ,  伊熊 泰郎

42pp.19 - 21 , 2018-03-20 , 神奈川工科大学
O-salicylic acid and m-salicylic acid were exposed to UV light with/without TiO2 and were studied by 1H-NMR and FT/IR. Although the results of FT/IR were not conclusive, the results of NMR revealed that some of hydrogen on benzene reacted more than other hydrogen on benzene. Most of these results could be explained in terms of electronic structure of salicylic acid, suggesting that salicylic acid was attacked by electrophilic reagent that was created by photocatalytic reaction of TiO2.

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