Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校生の創造力自己評価向上に資する教員の指導方針--IT夢コンテスト2016を題材として--
Impact of teacher's support on effective creativity education for high school students--Case Study: IT Dream Contest 2016--

稲葉 達也  ,  宮崎 剛  ,  田中 博  ,  山本 富士男  ,  凌 暁萍  ,  海野 浩  ,  服部 元史  ,  山内 俊明

42pp.13 - 23 , 2018-03-20 , 神奈川工科大学
This study evaluates the impact of teacher's supports on high school student's creativity improvement. Existing literatures propose types of teacher's supports that are useful to student's creativity improvement, but they do not prioritize teacher's supports in terms of effectiveness of the creative education and discuss types of supports that are suitable to students in a specific situation. By using survey to attendees and their supervisors of an idea contest for high school students, this study identifies that to improve student's creativity not only letting students keep motivated and giving them useful feedbacks but also making the environment of the students suitable to creativity improvement are effective. This study also identifies that there are significant differences between teacher's supports in classroom activity and extracurricular activity as well as those between group work and individual work. By providing these findings to teachers of creativity education, they can support their students more effectively.

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