Departmental Bulletin Paper 重大な他害行為を行った対象者への看護について看護学生が抱くイメージ-「医療観察法指定入院医療機関における看護」の講義を受けた看護学生へのアンケート調査-
How do nursing students consider the nursing care for subjects admitted to hospitals designated by the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act (MTSA)

寺岡 貴子  ,  山口 善子  ,  寺岡 征太郎  ,  鳥山 哲郎

41pp.29 - 33 , 2017-03-20 , 神奈川工科大学
[AIMS] Nursing students who attended a lecture of “Psychiatric nursing care for subjects admitted to hospitals designated by MTSA" reported how they felt about such nursing care. [METHODS] A self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted after the lecture among nursing students (in the third grade) regarding what they had “realized", “considered" and “learned" during the 90-minute lecture. This study was approved by Kwassui Women's University, Nursing Study Ethics Committee. [RESULTS] 32 students responded to the questionnaire (the response rate: 44.4%). 23 subcategories and 10 categories were extracted from the students' impressions. 10 categories indicated: (1) behaviors associated with psychiatric symptoms, (2) necessity of MTSA, (3) necessity of treatments, (4) nursing care to support the subjects' lives, (5) change of image to the subjects, (6) collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, (7) provision of careful nursing care to subjects, (8) anxiety for being harmed, (9) difficulty to cope with, (10) difficulty to support discharge.

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