Departmental Bulletin Paper ゾル-ゲル法によるマイエナイト(Ca12Al14O33)の合成--材料分析室利用研究成果、そのXXVII(3)--
Synthesis of Mayenite (Ca12Al14O33) by Some Sol-Gel Methods -- Research works accomplished by using materials analysis facilities: XXVII(3)--

竹本 稔  ,  紅野 祥希  ,  中沢 馨司郎

41pp.31 - 35 , 2017-03-20 , 神奈川工科大学
Synthesis of Mayenite (Ca12Al14O33) was tried by some sol-gel methods using calcium nitrate tetrahydrate or calcium 2-ethylhexanoate as a calcium source and aluminum-iso-propoxide or aluminum-sec-butoxide as an aluminum source. Atmosphere during sintering affected the synthesis of Ca12Al14O33, The yield of Ca12Al14O33 after sintering in air was higher than that after sintering in O2. It was found that the yield tended to become higher, when using calcium 2-ethylhexanoate synthesized from calcium acetate monohydrate and 2-ethylhexanoic acid and aluminum-iso-propoxide.

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