Departmental Bulletin Paper 震災復興期における学生ボランティアの学びと役割 : 復興支援ボランティアスタディツアーの取り組みから

川田, 虎男

  In this research, we examined student volunteers’ roles and learning by focusing on their practical support during the disaster reconstruction period. Results showed that they recognized “life (living) itself” and deepened their “understanding of what the volunteer is.” Clearly, their recognition of the “knowledge and skills of reconstruction” was enriched by understanding the uniqueness of history and culture etc., of the town in which they volunteered. Furthermore, students in the leader group became aware of leadership through their practical work. In general, volunteer support during the construction period required cooperative interaction between the self-reliance of victims and volunteer supporters. Notably, however, student volunteers may reduce victims’ psychological burden thanks to their characteristics.

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