Departmental Bulletin Paper 人間福祉学における「プロセス哲学」の意味と可能性Part III : 福祉学上の方途的意味と展開可能性の軸芯を探る

牛津, 信忠

  Scientific intention based on quantum theory can avoid falling into mere mechanistic logic by positioning intentionality in the pillar of spiritualism and on the core of logic. Furthermore, we examine certain workings that enable the continuation of integration into one existence by opening to the world with overall synthetic dynamic operation. Paying attention to the corresponding characteristic of existence as one person in such continuous working, we perceive and act on it as the working of personal welfare. As mental content in the core of such operation, Whitehead points to the love preached by Christ. An upsurge of love is understood in the form of steps in intentionality exceeding the grasped fact, and love becomes possible through conditions of establishing support for the existence itself of one person. Those conditions are human welfare policy, activity, technology, etc. Process philosophy provides significance to such a development of welfare through synthesis.

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