Departmental Bulletin Paper 吉見静江館長時代の興望館セツルメントにおける「幼児の個別理解」 : 児童福祉法における保育の史的検討

田澤, 薫

  How is childcare in nursery schools unique? This research identified the postwar situation in nursery schools, wherein the understanding of individual infants based on their respective family backgrounds, coupled with casework, has been regarded as a basic stage in childcare. As these policies were promoted by Shizue Yoshimi, the then Director of the Child Care Division at the Children’s Bureau, Ministry of Health and Welfare, the author assumed that Yoshimi’s childcare administration policies were rooted in those of the Kobokan Settlement, where she had served as the director before joining the Ministry. Using five of Yoshimi’s observations as assessment items, this research investigated the records of childcare practices at Kobokan Settlement.

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