Others On V2 Word Order Change in Early Middle Enflish

小林, 茂之  ,  コバヤシ, シゲユキ

第28巻 ( 第2号 ) 2016-3
The Old English Heptateuch was composed by ?lfric during the late tenth and early eleventh centuries. The original texts of Crawford and Key (1969) are mainly British Museum MS., Cotton Claudius B IV (MS. B), and Bodleian MS. Laud (MS. L), which were written in the late eleventh century. Crawford indicates that Cambridge University Library MS. Ii 1. 33 (MS. C), which was written in the twelfth century, contains a different part of the text from that in MS. B and MS. L.  This paper investigates the difference in word order in the different parts of the texts between MS. C and MS. B. MS. C uses SV word order in many sentences, whereas MS. B uses V2 word order. The change in the word order from V2 to SV had already started in Old English; however, it was finished in Middle English. While the V2 word order is assumed to have become extinct by the fifteenth century according to the late theory (Biberauer & Roberts 2008), this paper shows that the diffusion of the SV word order had become highly advanced by the time MS. C was written in the early twelfth century.


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