Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校生の公民科現代社会における学習動機が公民的態度の獲得に与える影響
Influence of Learning Motivation for Contemporary Social Studies among High School Students for Acquiring the Necessary Civic Attitude

山本, 和弘  ,  藤木, 大介

66pp.107 - 115 , 2017-03-01 , 愛知教育大学
Civics is a high school subject that seeks to impart the necessary attitude and ability to participate in society. To examine the method of teaching that suits the subject purpose, this study examined what types of learning motivation most influenced the students who acquired the appropriate civic attitude through a civics course-contemporary social studies. With the participation of 211 high school students, this study measured learning motivation and civic attitude through a questionnaire. The results indicated that students who enrolled in the course with the motivation to apply their knowledge in their lives acquired a better civic attitude than those with other learning motivations. Furthermore, the more interesting the students found contemporary social studies, the better civic attitude they acquired. On the basis of these results, this study validated the teaching method that motivated students to learn contemporary social studies by using familiar or current topics as materials and by instilling the expectation of participating in society through, for example, voting behavior.

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