Departmental Bulletin Paper 女子短大生における内臓脂肪の蓄積と生活習慣の関連(第2報)
Relationship of Visceral Fat Accumulation and Lifestyle in Female Junior College Students (Part 2)

梅原, 頼子  ,  鈴木, 英樹

This study added an investigation item of stress and the meal knowledge to our precedent study on relationship between visceral fat accumulation and lifestyle in female junior college students and was performed. In 99 female junior college students, preperitoneal and subcutaneous fat tissue thickness was measured using the supersonic technique. In addition, a morphological characteristic, the meal intake situation and meal knowledge were investigated. These results were compared between high-PFT (PFT≧8mm) and low- PFT (PFT<8mm) groups. There was a positive correlation between PFT and the body weight, BMI, percent of body fat, hip girth and AFI. Body weight, BMI, the percent of body fat, hip girth and AFI showed high values in the High-PFT group in comparison with the Low-PFT group. There was a difference about stress, fatigue, the intake situation of refreshing drinks and meal knowledge between high-PFT and low-PFT groups. These results showed that visceral fat accumulation was related with stress, fatigue and lack of the meal knowledge.

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