Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学5年生のレジリエンスを高める授業の効果
A study on the effect of the teaching lesson on resilience of the fifth-grade.

原, 郁水  ,  都築, 繁幸

4pp.33 - 45 , 2016-03-31 , 愛知教育大学大学院・静岡大学大学院教育学研究科 共同教科開発学専攻
Childrem's resilience is formed from elements like positive future orientation, seeking interests and concerns and emotional regulation. Lessons were conducted to strengthen these elements and the effects were then analyzed. The study focused on 213 fifth grade elementary school students. Each lesson were devised from the perspectives of future orientation and causal attribution, seeking interests and concerns and self-understanding, and emotional regulation and the ABC theory. Pre-tests were given the day before lesson, post-tests were given on the day of lessons, and follow-up tests were given one week after lesson to determine changes in terms of resilience. In addition, the studies assessed the state of despondency felt by children prior to holding lessons and then examined whether or not the lesson had a positive impact. The results indicated that 1) in all three lessons, post-test results were better than pre-test results; 2) resilience had improved with the group that showed despondency in terms of positive future orientation and also with the non-despondent group in terms of seeking interests and concerns ; 3) a comparison of follow-up tests and post-tests revealed that there were no significant differences in any of the three lessons and the benefits were thought to be ongoing. Based on these findings, the introduction of resilience learning units was discussed.

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