Departmental Bulletin Paper 「Ⅴ+着」と<Ⅴ+テイル>の対照研究(七)
A Contrastive Study of "Verb + Zhe" and "Verb + Teiru" (vii)

時, 衛国

49pp.17 - 36 , 2016-03-31 , 愛知教育大学外国語外国文学研究会
This study concerns the semantic functions and grammatical features of 'ZHE' and 'TE IRU' and is an attempt to investigate their similarities and differences. 'ZHE' is used for adnominal clauses to relate to locations, but is also acceptable if the the location is not stated explicitly. Both binomial and polynomial use is possible, including simultaneous actions. In addition, it can also indicate both dynamic and static states in a 'modifier' + 'modified' structure. In contrast, 'TE IRU' is not used to relate to locations and only allows binomial use with relation to the following clause in a 'modifier' + 'modified' structure.

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