Departmental Bulletin Paper 教師の資質能力向上を目的とする教員評価システムの理論的考察とモデルの作成
Theoretical Consideration of a Teacher Assessment System and Creation of a Model Aiming at a Teacher's Improvement in Capability

一之瀬, 敦幾

3pp.23 - 33 , 2015-03-31 , 愛知教育大学大学院・静岡大学大学院教育学研究科 共同教科開発学専攻
It aimed at performing model building of a teacher assessment system in order to perform theoretical consideration and to clarify the process of improvement in capability about a ""man-power development type"" teacher assessment system. Reexamination of ①definition of capability, ②examination of the learning theory about the improvement in capability, and ③teacher's professionals nature were examined as theoretical consideration. Based on the acquired knowledge, the model carried out through the professionals nature of adult's learning model and a teacher in process of the improvement in nature capability by an assessment system. In decision of the model, using the result of question paper investigation of 1652 high school teachers in Shizuoka, factor analysis and covariance structure analysis were given to the reply result, and the evaluation system model was created. A model results ""the purpose setup"" in ""nature capability"" via ""reflection in a measure"", and ""reflection after a measure"", and draws the loop to ""goal setting."" Moreover, the others support for this loop became a model which consists of ""management support"", ""a senior, a coworker, and student support"", and ""support school outside."" By using this model, the requirements for improvement in capability can be pursued.

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