Departmental Bulletin Paper 省察を中核とした授業実践力向上のための方法論に関する研究(2) -アクション・リサーチによる教師の変容 中学校社会科地理的分野・地誌学習を事例として-
A Research of an Effective Methodology to Improve Class Practice Power Focusing on Reflection(2) Transformation of Teachers Revealed by Action Research A Case Study of Geographical studies at Junior High School

長倉, 守  ,  新保, 淳

3pp.139 - 149 , 2015-03-31 , 愛知教育大学大学院・静岡大学大学院教育学研究科 共同教科開発学専攻
This is a case study based on action research, utilizing methodology designed to improve practical class skills of teachers mainly by means of reflections. By a case-based method, the study attempted visualization of reflections which teachers unconsciously conduct on class practices through their experience and of their improved practical class skills which follow such reflections. Based on such attempt, the methodology was discussed from a viewpoint to facilitate independence of teachers as reflective practitioners. As a result, the study proved that the teachers have realized their improved practical class skills while it successfully visualized reflections of the study participants, and therefore, a certain degree of effectivity was acknowledged with the methodology focused on reflections. The future challenge lies in the fostering of mentor to disseminate the methodology for on-site practice.

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