Departmental Bulletin Paper 道徳教育における内容項目「自然愛」に関する基礎的研究
Basic Study on a Feeling of Love and Respect for nature in Moral Education

中村, 美智太郎  ,  藤井, 基貴

3pp.47 - 60 , 2015-03-31 , 愛知教育大学大学院・静岡大学大学院教育学研究科 共同教科開発学専攻
The purpose of this study is to examine the problems of moral education dealing with “a feeling of love and respect for nature” in Japan. The present Ministry’s curriculum guideline shows that “a feeling of love and respect for nature” has an important place as the precondition to overcome the moral conflict or to acquire the moral nobility in the junior-high school. However, in the cases of Japanese moral education, “a feeling of love and respect for nature” has not been discussed actively with the philosophical studies. It is therefore often overlooked that the idea is strongly related to inner human nature based on the concept of good and beauty. The paper discussed that school teachers should have the knowledge of concept based on these philosophical and historical ideas so as to understand the teaching materials deeply and seek the new approaches toward Japanese moral education. To discuss the feeling of love and respect for nature in moral education based on these approaches includes good chances not only of teaching conservation of nature but also of breaking away from anthropocentrism for children and teachers. These chances suggest the potential of moral education that gives people experienced ""3.11"" the ability to overcome ""feeling of fear"" and to get ""feeling of love and respect"" for nature.

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